Julius Glückert


* 1848 Darmstadt - † 1911 Darmstadt

In 1838, Jacob Glückert founded a furniture workshop, which was taken over by his son Julius in 1876. Around 1900, the successful company was able to employ about 100 people and carried out numerous orders for the houses of the artists' colony. Glückert's residence was one of the buildings of the 1901 exhibition on the Mathildenhöhe as well as his "Exhibition House for Interior Art", today the seat of the Deutsche Akademie für Sprache und Dichtung (German Academy of Language and Poetry). Eventually, Glückert could call himself purveyor to the court of HM the Emperor of Russia and of HRH the Grand Duke of Hesse. Julius Glückert died in 1911; the company was continued by his granddaughter Anne Klönne until 1943.