Bacchus Fountain


artist:Joseph Maria Olbrich (1867 – 1908)

A high retaining wall at the eastern end of the plane tree grove separates the plateau in front of the former water reservoir from the green area. In 1904, an elliptically shaped fountain niche between two pillars was built in the centre of the wall. With their vertical wavy lines, the white, brown and grey Rhine pebbles refer to the element of water. The water-spouting fountain mask of “Bacchus” with vine leaves and bronze grapes was designed by Ludwig Habich.

The sculptor Daniel Greiner designed four relief panels of artificial stone set at eye level. On them the water creatures "Crab", "Dying Water Woman", "Fairy Tale Bird" and "Water Griffin" are represented. The upper ends of the flanking wall pillars are decorated with the Darmstadt coat of arms.